Q: Does the Vapor Sphere create a smoke cloud like a Vapor cigarette? 
A: No, the vapors created in the Vapor Sphere are invisible and do not create a smoke cloud of any kind.

Q: Can I use Beer or Wine with the Vapor Sphere?
A: Beer and Wine will not work with the Vapor Sphere. The Vapor Sphere was designed to only be used with Alcoholic Spirits that is sold to be consumed by drinking and has an Alcohol content that is 70-100 proof. Gin, Scotch, Whisky, Vodka, Bourbon Whiskey, Tequila and other type of Alcohol Spirits work great with the Vapor Sphere. The Alcohol content in Beer and Wine is too low and will not give you the buzz that you get from drinking it.

Q: Can the Alcohol in your blood steam be detected and measured by a breathalyzer after you vaporize Alcohol instead of drinking the Alcohol?
A: Yes, the Alcohol you vaporize is detectable and measured by a breathalyzer because the Alcohol is in your blood steam. The Alcohol enters your blood by way of your lungs instead of entering by way of your digestive tract.

Q: How does Vaporizing Alcohol get you buzzed?
A: The chemical in Alcohol that gets you buzzed is called Ethanol. The heat from the candle releases the Ethanol vapors into the Sphere. When you inhale the vapors into your Lungs, the Ethanol gets into your blood stream without delay.

Q: How long will a shot of Alcohol last when vaporizing the Alcohol with the Vapor Sphere?
A: A shot of Alcohol will release the Ethanol Vapors (the chemical in Alcohol that gets you drunk) for about 40 minutes allowing you to maintain a comfortable Alcohol buzz the entire time the vapors are being released. After 40 minutes you will need to change out the old shot with a new shot.

Q: Is vaporizing Alcohol healthier than drinking Alcohol?
A: I don’t want to mislead you into believing that vaporizing Alcohol instead of drinking Alcohol, somehow makes Alcohol healthy for you to consume. Alcohol is a potentially dangerous addictive drug, especially if used in excess. Alcohol has never been considered healthy or good for you, and I am sure it never will. Just because you don’t suffer from a hangover and it leaves your system faster than drinking Alcohol, vaporizing Alcohol doesn’t magically make Alcohol good for you. To my knowledge there has never been any long term studies that provide any proof that vaporizing Alcohol instead of drinking alcohol is better or worse for you. As consumers we need to assume that vaporizing Alcohol can have serious long term effects on our bodies, just like drinking Alcohol does. So as with any Alcohol intake, enjoy Alcohol in moderation and be responsible.

Q: Why does the Alcohol leave your system fast when vaporizing Alcohol?
A: Because the Alcohol does not metabolize in your digestive tract like drinking Alcohol does, and it gets into your system fast. For this same reason it leaves your system fast. When you are no longer vaporizing the Alcohol, it's not being introduced to your system any more. On average any measurable amount of Alcohol will be out of system with 15-30 minutes after your lastvapor hit. All of the blood in your body passes through your Liver every 3 minutes. We can assume that after a few passes through your Liver, the Alcohol has been filtered out of your blood stream. That is as long as you are not introducing more Alcohol into your system.

Q: Can you taste the flavor of the Alcohol when you vaporize it?
A: Yes, you can taste the flavor of the Alcohol when you vaporize it. As a matter of fact the flavor of the Alcohol is much smoother and easier to enjoy when vaporized. There is no harsh taste like when you drink the Alcohol. For the best flavor use high quality great tasting Alcohol.

Q: Why don't you get a hangover when you vaporize Alcohol?
A: The reason we get a hangover after drinking Alcoholic Beverages, is due to the fact that our body has to deal with the impurities (Congeners) that are produced during the distillation process when making Alcoholic beverages. Our body will try to get rid of the impurities through urination and drawing minerals from your body to help in the fight against these impurities. This will leave you dehydrated causing you to have headaches and other symptoms related to a handover. When you inhale Alcohol vapors instead of drinking the Alcohol, you don't ingest these impurities so your body doesn't have to deal with trying to get the impurities out of your system.

Q: Why are there no Calories related to vaporizing Alcohol?
A: Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrates are the only source of calories in food and beverages. Apparently there is no Protein, Fat, or Carbohydrates in the vapors created from vaporizing Alcohol. If there is any calories in vaporized Alcohol, the calories are so few it's very difficult to measure them.

Q: I have seen videos of people on YouTube vaporizing Alcohol with a bicycle pump and an empty two liter Soda Bottle. Does this method work like the Vapor Sphere?
A: There are two ways to vaporize Alcohol. You can used compressed air like a bike pump to release the Vapors, or use a candle or heat source to release the vapors. The only effective way to release the Ethanol Vapors from the Alcohol is to use a heat source like a candle to release the vapors from the Alcoholic Spirits. This is what the Vapor Sphere was designed to do. When you use compressed air (bicycle pump) to release the vapors, it is not a very effective way to release the Ethanol Vapors, and most people get disappointed with the results. Not to mention it's a lot of work just to get one or two hits of Alcohol Vapors.

Q: Some people posted on the internet that vaporizing Alcohol doesn’t get you drunk. Is that true?
A: If not done correctly, vaporizing Alcohol will not give you the desired effect you’re looking for. We tested the Vapor Sphere with product testers and focus groups so they could test the Vapor Sphere before bringing it to the consumer market. We found that most people who don't know how to vaporize Alcohol, inhale the vapors into their Stomach and not their Lungs. Most people make the same mistake the first couple of times they try vaporizing Alcohol. When we drink through a straw, our natural instinct is to inhale the liquid into our stomach and not our Lungs. This makes total sense when drinking. Once you understand that you need to inhale the vapors into your Lungs and not your stomach, you will have no problems getting the effect you’re looking for. I would be willing to bet that the people who posted on the internet that vaporizing Alcohol doesn't get you drunk, were doing it wrong. If you’re looking to get "DRUNK" as in too wasted to care for yourself, then vaping Alcohol is not for you. Vaporizing Alcohol will allow you to get a comfortable Alcohol buzz, but will not allow you to get wasted because the Alcohol leaves your system fast. We had focus group participants check their blood alcohol content with a breathalyzer after using the Vapor Sphere. We found that the average BAC count was .12, and that's one in a half times the legal limit for a DUI in most States. All the focus group participants described their Vapor Sphere buzz as a comfortable or nice Alcohol buzz. See the above video titled "What's It Like to Vaporize Alcohol".

Q: Will using the Vapor Sphere to vaporize Alcohol instead of drinking it make me more likely to suffer from Alcohol Poisoning?
A: Customer safety was a top priority to use when considering bringing the Vapor Sphere to the consumer market. We put the Vapor Sphere to the test with product testers and focus group participants to see if we could get these peoples Blood Alcohol Content to an unsafe level. We tested people of different ages, weight, height, and ethnic backgrounds. We put breathalyzers in their hands and challenged these participants to get there Blood Alcohol Content as high as possible by using the Vapor Sphere. No body tested was able to get there BAC any were close to an unsafe level, no matter how hard they tried. The highest BAC recorded during these test was .25 and within 30 minutes of the test, his BAC dropped to .00. We have found that if you have a functioning normal healthy liver, you will not be able to get your Blood Alcohol Content to an unsafe level using the Vapor Sphere. If you drink Alcohol to excess and then use the Vapor Sphere to get your BAC higher than of course you could suffer from Alcohol Poisoning. We are confident that if you were to use just the Vapor Sphere in the manner it was designed and not drink Alcohol with it, you will not have to worry about your BAC getting to high. DON’T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT, TRY IT FOR YOURSELF. Buy a breathalyzer and test yourself to see if you can get your BAC to an unsafe level using the Vapor Sphere the way it was designed to be used. We are confident that you will get the same results we did during our testing process.